Passion is behind all we do.

From Tradewind’s beginnings, I have been committed to the vision of offering our customers tailor-made trade finance solutions that provide reliable financial support and enable them to plan their long-term business goals.

Ansgar Hütten
Executive Director



Our company opened its doors in 2000. For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing financing solutions to businesses of all sizes across the globe. We now operate more than 20 offices in 14 countries.


We create products for our customers, prioritizing their needs first. Our solutions are constantly evolving with their requirements.


Each Tradewind employee brings unique experience to the team. Together, we work to help our clients do business securely.


From our teams to our services, we operate on an international level to serve our clients’ business needs at home and in different markets.

“Making financing exciting for our clients”

After 24 years in banking and trade finance, I still enjoy the excitement a new customer feels when we start structuring a solution.

15+ of those years have been at Tradewind, and I love the relationships I’ve built with customers and fellow employees. I am proud of the solution we can offer in various parts of the world.


Meet our Executive Team
Led by

Our leadership team is comprised of experts in international trade, finance, technology, law, operations, and more. Combining these skills, we deliver comprehensive services for our clients, from financing to local market insights.

Putting expertise from famous brands into trade finance.

My experience at Procter & Gamble and Levi’s has given me first-hand insights on how big brands and their suppliers work, their challenges and what they need to do business better. I use these experiences to help create trade finance solutions that address real issues, from the factory floor up, so that companies can focus on their core business and achieve growth.


Peter Maerevoet
Chief Financial Officer & CEO for Asia

A unique combination of

Global orientation
and local expertise

Our services combine global scale and local market insights. We provide on-the-ground support to our clients from our network of offices.

Dedication to excellence drives me.

My entire acting and thinking is driven by the aspiration to achieve operational excellence, client centricity and continuous improvement.

With us, based on our extensive expertise and experience, every client can expect a truly tailor-made solution in line with their individual needs.

Mario Voß
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director

Constantly adapting to

New challenges that require
innovative solutions.

Tradewind stays up-to-date with the latest technologies. We aim to always optimize our company’s operations and those of the clients we serve.

I am striving to break new ground.

I am firmly convinced that the ability and motivation to adapt to new situations is the value of good work.

My experience as a software developer in various business fields is the tool I use to accomplish our visions at Tradewind.


Stephan Helten
Chief Technology Officer

We care about

Transparent and Sustainable Principles

At Tradewind, we take socially responsible efforts seriously, so our business can ensure an equitable workplace for our employees and contribute to a more sustainable world.

It is our goal to make a difference.

In my experience, communication and cooperation are key to success. At Tradewind we work together across countries and cultures and I’m glad to have found such a great team. Together we are doing our part to make the world a better place.


Johan Geduhn
Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, & Executive Director

We offer our customers a legally secure environment in which they can operate and grow successfully.

Our team of legal experts offers guidance when entering new markets and provides regulatory support for buyers and sellers.

I help simplify a complex legal environment.

I am dedicated to support Tradewind and its clients in order to enable each and every one to successfully manage their work and business in this highly complex legal environment we operate in. Given an open mind and the will to improve, everything can be achieved.


Agnes Urbancsek
Head of Legal

A healthy and stable financial structure is the foundation that ensures our customers can always rely on us.

Tradewind’s strong financials and global bank partnerships enable us to provide dedicated financial support whenever it is needed.

I oversee refinancing with optimal results.

I am eager to perfom each day to serve our company´s refinancing needs. Combining our long-lasting capital market experience, innovative approaches and customized solutions, we offer the best refinancing methods in the global market.

Christian Klüser
Global Head of Treasury

Our lending mechanisms

Are based on sophisticated creditworthiness procedures to guarantee our customers get secure financing.

At Tradewind, we maximize liquidity for our clients, while minimizing trade risk for them. Our team routinely conducts due diligence and monitors the creditworthiness of buyers.

Building creative solutions for complex scenarios.

My journey with Tradewind started in 2005. I had the chance to work as financial analyst and business development manager. My experience in risk management and business development in cross-border receivables financing helps me better understand the complexity of our global business.

Borislav Tzvetanov
Global Credit Director

The hub of our daily work.

Providing our customers with fast and seamless services is at the core of what we do. We use established and optimized processes to make sure our clients’ needs are met without delay.

At the heart of what we do.

My day-to-day duties require me to think strategically about liquidity and getting it into the hands of our clients. I use my understanding of financing to support the businesses we work with in the best way possible.


Sabrina Stormanns
Head of Factoring

We invest in solutions

Tailor-made for each client’s needs.

We believe in solving each client’s cash flow challenges with a solution customized for them, and only them. At Tradewind, we stay away from a one-size-fits-all approach.

I am motivated to reach new heights in the areas of customer satisfaction and process excellence.

It’s not about improved numbers only – it’s about making a difference. I approach customers with patience and an open mind and generate products based on their needs. It fulfills me to learn about new industries and deepen my existing experience in international commodity trade.

Klarissa Blatnik
Regional CEO Europe

Making the Impossible, Possible

The future depends on what you do today. I wake up every morning to support our clients at Tradewind achieve their financial goals. In the Commercial department, we build relationships with customers by listening to their needs, first and foremost, and creating a solution that will solve their challenges in response.


Soheil Zali
Regional CEO – Middle East & South Asia

Applying my finance background to trade.

My experience in the financial sector has familiarized me with different industries and financing solutions. At Tradewind, I use this experience to find out the needs of our clients and provide them with tailored support. I am fascinated by all the industries I continue to learn about in my day-to-day as part of the trade finance world.

Christian Fehmerling
Regional Commercial Europe

Change is the only constant in life

Exporters have faced a lot of adverse changes in the last few years such as COVID19, the shipping crisis, political turbulence, high inflation, etc. With our expertise in factoring, we have developed measures to help our clients mitigate their risks arising from those changes so that they can proceed with their business activities safely and peacefully. For myself, I cope with changes by continuously changing, evolving and adapting.


Dickson Au
Regional CEO – Far East